Welcome to ISANH Middle East Congress 2018

Petra JordanOn behalf of the ISANH International and ISANH Middle East, it is a great pleasure to announce the organization of the third ISANH Middle East Antioxidants World Congress which will be held in Amman, Jordan, in May 2-3, 2018.



The Royal Scientific Society will host the 3rd ISANH Middle East Congress


RSS logo smallThe Royal Scientific Society (RSS) is the largest applied research institution, consultancy, and technical support service provider in Jordan, and functions as a regional leader in the fields of science and technology.



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ISANH Middle East 2017

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Call for Scientific Abstracts & Innovations Presentations for Amman ISANH-ME World Congress 2018

Amman Jordan amphitheaterThe Scientific Committee of ISANH Middle East and Amman Antioxidants World Congress 2018 invites all scientists, academics and industrials to present their researches in antioxidants and nutraceutical and functional ingredients during the 3rd ISANH Middle East World Congress, which will be held at Royal Scientific Society of Amman, Jordan, on May 2-3, 2018.


Concluding remarks of Beirut Antioxidants 2017

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The 2nd ISANH Middle East World Congress, Beirut Antioxidants 2017, was held at Saint Joseph University of Beirut, Lebanon, on May 3 and 4, 2017. This congress was also the 18th world congress on antioxidants organized by ISANH International.


Beirut Antioxidants 2017 abstracts book

Isanh middle east 2017 abstracts book3dThe abstracts book of the 2nd ISANH Middle East Antioxidants World Congress (18th ISANH Antioxidants Congress) is now available.

This abstracts book is available for free for attendees of Beirut congress, but also for ISANH and ISANH Middle East members.