Middle East Waste 2019: Challenge and Perspective

Richard G Maroun oman Middle east

Prof. Richard Maroun, President of ISANH Middle East & Dean of Faculty of Sciences, Saint Joseph University, Lebanon will share his perspective during the meeting and will talk about "Middle East Waste 2019: Challenge and Perspective".

International organizations estimate that, each year, one-third of all food produced for human consumption in the world is lost or wasted. In the Middle East region more than one trillion dollars’ worth of food are wasted each year. Food byproducts are considered as a cheap source of valuable components, since existing technologies allow the recovery of different target compounds and their use as functional additives. Our work aims to purify natural antioxidant molecules from food waste and byproducts through innovative technologies in order to reintegrate them as valuable additives in several industrial products. The main goal of our strategy is to establish local and regional initiatives aiming towards a reliable plan for better food waste and byproducts management and valorization.


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