ISANH Middle East World Congress 2019 - Preliminary Agenda

ISANH Middle East Redox World Congress 

March 4 - 6, 2019 - Oman


Day 1 – March 4, 2019
07h30 – 9h00 Welcoming & Registration of Attendees: Badges & Material Distribution


Opening Ceremony of ISANH Middle East Congress & Welcome introduction by ISANH Middle East Chairpersons

Session 1: Redox, Health & Medecine

Impact of oxidative stress, antioxidants and natural ingredients in disease and in health
Clinical studies and recent advances

Call for abstracts for short oral presentation: The scientific committee invites academics & industrials to present their innovative researches related to all the oxidative stress related diseases 

Day 2 – March 5, 2019
9h00 Opening of the second day

Session 1: Redox, Health & Medecine

Session 2: Food Waste Valorization 

Food waste valorization practices have gained much attention lately as a means of sustainable management, which can increase the profit for local economies.

So far, these materials constitute an underexploited source for the recovery and production of natural bioactive compounds such as antioxidants for food and other multiple industrial applications.

The aim of this session is to highlight our knowledge in the food waste valorization processes and to encourage all stakeholders in the food waste field in the Middle East to participate in order to put in place a regional task force for an innovative initiative aiming towards a reliable plan for better food waste and byproducts management and valorization.

Call for abstracts for short oral presentation: The scientific committee invites academics, industrials, governmental and non-governmental organizations, from all over the world and specifically from the Middle-East, to present their work related to food waste valorization practices.

Session 3: Microbiota & Metabolic Syndrome

Day 3 – March 6, 2019


Opening of the third day

Session 3: Microbiota & Metabolic Syndrome 

New strategic player: the microbiota, what we must know
Metabolic Syndrome, Oxidative stress anf Inflammation: how to stop the vicious circle?
Inflammation in 2019: targeting the slow and silence inflammation in obesity and cardiovascular diseases


Conclusion of ISANH Middle East Redox World Congress 2019

In the presence of Organizers & Speakers from scientific committee

ISANH Middle East Redox 2019 Awards
Scientific Contribution Award 2019
Young Scientific Contribution for Oral and Poster Contribution 

Concluding Remarks by the chairpersons

End of ISANH Middle East Redox World Congress

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